We provide Real Estate Valuation services in Kenya and Property Valuation solutions as a company in Nairobi and Counties. The aim of our Property Valuers in Kenya is to provide accurate, credible, and reliable property appraisal and valuation services, and well researched opinion as a key consideration in our valuation solutions for real property.

Customer Challenge in 2023:

Your challenge may come in the following areas:

  • Having access to independent and impartial opinion on the value of your asset or real property.
  • Getting access to credible expert opinion on the value of your asset or real property.

Our Solutions – Real Estate Valuation:

Real Estate Valuation

We provide independent, impartial, credible and well researched expert opinion on the value of assets and real property. Our comprehensive Real Estate Valuation solutions are as below:

  • Valuation for Lending & Mortgage purposes.
  • Sale purposes – Valuation.
  • Acquisition purposes and while purchasing property – Valuation.
  • Insurance purposes – Valuation.
  • Rating, Rent assessment & review purposes – Valuation.
  • Investment appraisal for purchase transaction proposes – Valuation.
  • Accounting & Book keeping purposes – Valuation.
  • Taxation purposes – Valuation.
  • Statutory purposes – Valuation.
  • Privatization purposes – Valuation.
  • Mergers & Take over purposes – Valuation.


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