Welcome to Buildafrique™ Group

Buildafrique™ Group is a multi-disciplinary of four (4) specialized subsidiaries established in 2009, to offer “End-to-End” Development Consultancy and Management solutions, Capital Raising, Project Finance and Real Estate Finance, Investor Readiness Advisory, and Structured Investment Offerings, as well as Building Construction services solutions in Kenya and Africa.

Our work is driven by our Purpose to empower the socio-economic lives of our people and to restore the dignity of our community, by providing Project Development Possibilities and Investment solutions that maximize value and expand opportunities.

We welcome you for a closer look into our range of Solutions to modern challenges facing development projects implementation and investments, as well as an insight into our “End-to-End Solutions” Business Model for managing investment risks and maximizing value for your investment.

What We Do

We offer Inclusive “End-to-End” Development Consultancy and Management, Capital Raising and Project Finance, Investor Readiness Advisory, and Structured Investment Offerings solutions to modern challenges facing investment projects implementation – so as to manage modern investment risks and to maximize value for Investors and Development Projects stakeholders.

A breakdown of all our solutions under our three (3) main solutions’ category is provided in the links below:

End-to-End Development Consultancy & Management
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Capital Raising & Project Finance
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Structured Investment Offerings & Real Estate
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