Buildafrique are Project Managers , Development Project Managers, and Construction Managers Consultant Company Kenya, with offices in Nairobi, which play a key role in the building and real estate sector to delivery project with set objectives of quality, cost, timeline, and returns investment benchmark, this being our focus in Construction Project Management. Customers and clients have entrusted us over the years in conjunction with the architectural team in providing End-to-End project project development management for various projects ranging from Residential, Commercial, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Industrial.

Customer Challenge in 2023:

Conceptualizing a project, designing, implementing and commissioning the same is currently presenting the following challenges to Customers that can hinger the accomplishment of the set project objectives:

  • Purchasing the right development Site based on informed market feasibility.
  • Planning, designing, procuring, and executing your Project within return on investment benchmarks, quality, budget, and set timelines.
  • Choosing the right consultants with experience and implementation knowhow for specific project, disseminating your idea, and realizing the set objectives with the Consultants.
  • Monitoring your financial goals, cash flow, and investment model throughout the development process.
  • Delegating the full management process to a professional Development Project Manager, to allow you concentrate on your other core businesses.

Our Solutions – Construction and Development Project Management

Project Management in Kenya

We take a methodical approach to planning, managing and guiding the project processes from start to finish. We offer this service to ensure no mismatch exists between the Development & Investment objectives that we set with the Customer/Client and their implementation. Our solutions as Construction and Development Project Managers include:

  • Identification of a management problem in a project, and setting of management objectives and goals.
  • Site identification for specific project and advice on purchase.
  • Advise on establishing the Brief and entire Scope of the Project.
  • Planning, Scheduling, and Management of Design, Procurement, and Construction process.
  • Client Advisory on terms and conditions for the appointment of other consultants.
  • Development Project Life Cycle and Investment Management.
  • Development Site Management related to the physical on-site construction and development process.
  • Financial and Periodic Monitoring during implementation, as well as reporting.
  • Construction and Development Project Management throughout the construction period.
  • Preparing monthly project status reports on progress during implementation.
  • Acting as Employers / Client’s Agent in a Development Project.

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