Buildafrique provides Investor Readiness Advisory services in Kenya from its offices in Nairobi, for Investment Projects and Businesses seeking capital finance injection from investors, Real Estate Investment Project, Healthcare Investment projects and businesses, Hospitality (Hotel) Investment projects, Retail Investment projects and businesses, and related investment businesses with an aim of making the investments feasible and viable for investors, as well as low risks for investors’ attractiveness and funding.

Customer Challenge in 2023:

Your challenge may come in the following ways:

  • Structuring and packing a viable and low risk investment for investors’ attractiveness.
  • Conducting a feasibility study and market research to showcase viability of the investment to the investors.
  • Financial analysis, books audit, and financial reporting for Investors’ Business Case.
  • Appraisal of operation and management systems to build strong operational case for investors.
  • Risks identification and appraisal of risks management systems.
  • Coming up with a fully inclusive Real Estate Business Case for presentation to Investors.
  • Roping-in Investors, Strategic Partners, and Capital Funding into the project or investment.

Our Solutions – Investor Readiness Advisory, Business Case Development, and Feasibility Studies.

Real Estate Feasibility Studies in Nairobi Kenya

We provide the following “Investor Readiness Advisory” service solutions to investment projects and businesses that want to attract capital finance injection from investors:

  • Formulation of periodic strategies and strategic goals for the investment project or business, SHORT TERM, MIDDLE TERM, AND LONG TERM STRATEGIES, for detailed investment appraisal.
  • Project structuring and packing to showcase viability and attractiveness to investors.
  • Feasibility study and market research to establish market investment opportunity as well as to showcase viability.
  • Information appraisal into the operations of the Investment, including appraisal of operation and management systems and methodology to build strong operational case for investors.
  • Financial analysis and investment modelling to showcase financial viability of the investment project or business.
  • Investor Business Case development and presentation to Investors.
  • Investor relations with an aim of roping-in Investors, Strategic Partners, and Capital Funding into the project or investment.
  • Risks appraisal and identification, as well as appraisal of risks mitigation strategies.


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