We provide Structured Real Estate Investment in Kenya and related Products Solutions, including Management to cater for evolving investment needs for the modern real estate investor. This includes investments that provide competitive and “above market” return on investment compared to comparable investment in the market, together with providing low risk investment opportunities that guarantee value for investment.

Your Challenge in 2023

Your challenge may come in the following areas:

  • Investing in alternative high return real estate investment products.
  • Diversifying your real estate investment portfolio, by investing in related structured investment products.
  • Having access to Structured Real Estate Investment solutions without having to buy land or buy/build property.
  • Carrying out Investment Appraisal for various investments opportunities or options in the market for investment decision making.

Our Solutions – Structured Real Estate Investment | Products

We provide Structured Real Estate Investments and Products, together with related Portfolio Management in order to provide alterative high return investment products to our customers. We render these solutions to provide investment options that take advantage of modern market opportunities, together with managing investment risks. Our solutions include:

  • Residential Investments Structured Investments Products – Investment in residential real estate, together with indirect structured investment products in residential properties.
  • Commercial Investment Structured Investments Products – Investment in commercial real estate, together with indirect structured investment products in commercial properties.
  • Hotel Rooms Structured Investment Products – Investment in Hospitality (Hotel Rooms) real estate, together with indirect structured investment products in hotel properties.
  • Serviced Land Investments Structured Products – Investment in Serviced Plots, and structured value addition investment solutions in real estate land property.
  • Development-REIT investment securitiesCOMING SOON

Other Solutions

  • Real Estate Investment Appraisal – We offer Investment Appraisal expertise during project development, sale, or acquisition of real property. This is to allow establishment of financial viability, and to help our Clients to make sound investment decisions during investments.
  • International Real Estate – We provide profitable avenues for our Clients to access the Global Commercial, Residential, and Structured Securities Real Estate Market. We do this through offshore-investments-guide, property search, and research information.


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