Why you should get expert advisory during investment in the Kenyan Real Estate Market.

Kenya’s real estate and investment market is seen as already mature enough due to rapid growth in terms of development seen in the last 5 years. Office rents in Nairobi’s well-developed central business district have risen 23 percent in the past year, according to a report by Cushman and Wakefield.

Modern supermarkets and shopping malls serve consumers in suburban areas. The average value of consumer spending in Kenya has risen by as much as 67 per cent, making Kenya Africa’s fastest-growing retail market, therefore pushing for growth in real estate development. Nairobi is a fast -growing real estate market, ultimately outpacing cities like Miami and Monaco. Developers have in turn been releasing retail space to the market, a factor that has led Nairobi to be labelled as the “hottest retail property market”.


So, being an investor in Kenya, what does this growth and explosion in the Real Estate Industry mean for you? Real Estate Investing is the greatest wealth builder in history, but it requires a focused plan, determined effort and time. This therefore calls for the need for expert advisory to walk you through your investment. This may seem as an expense in the beginning but will end up beneficial in the long run by helping you save in terms of resources.

A real estate investment expert will make sure that you have a Real Estate Investment Business Plan which will be a “road map” to achieving your investment goals. Without a well-defined plan, you may end up skipping valuable steps in your property purchase decisions. With a well-documented plan and guidance by an expert, you will consistently find that you’ll reach your goals much faster and easier with less or minimal level of risks.

A real estate investment expert will look at your financial portfolio and advise on a life cycle real estate investment strategy to allow you to realize value with prevailing market conditions. He will provide custom-made support, dependant on the resources you have and you investment need, whether you are a developer in the conception phase, an owner or wish to invest in property.

The real estate investment advisor’s main task therefore is to ensure that you have custom-made, optimised solutions to maximise your investment and manage risks. So let us think towards getting expert advice as we make that huge investment decision.