Launch of Marketing Referral & Loyalty program

Buildafrique Consulting Group has launched the first Marketing Referral and Loyalty program in Kenya for Real Estate products and Development solutions. The program, by the name Buildafrique Partner Network, is intended to fulfill the following missions:

  1. To provide flexible and wide reach of our real estate products and value addition solutions to Developers, Investors, and Prospective Home owners.
  2. To provide economic empowerment to our Referral Partner through financial incentives, and to provide avenues for home ownership and real estate investments through the loyalty program.

The program shall focus on creating partnerships with professionals and business persons to become marketing and business development referral partners for our products solutions within their business networks, and who in return shall benefit from commissions rewards, bonuses, and earned loyalties.

Through this initiative, our Referral Partners shall also able to have alternative sources of income, build wealth, invest in real estate and have access to homes ownership incentives through the loyalty program.

Through the same initiative, the organization hopes that its products and value addition solutions shall reach more people, in line with our vision of being the preferred partner in helping Developers, Investors, and prospective Home Owners in Kenya and the entire East and Central African region succeed in rapidly evolving real estate market.