The Vision-Based Recruitment and Empowerment Program by Buildafrique Group, is an alternative pathway for joining the organization, besides “Jobs Openings” and “Internship Program”.

The program is inspired by our VISION“To establish Real Estate and Development Solutions Enterprises in 20 Counties of Kenya and 5 Cities of Africa by 2030, that empower our people to socio-economic prosperity and restore the dignity of our community”. Here, the Vision provides endless possibilities for the organization growth as well as recruitment of talented people who share our passion for ingenuity, through a self-sustaining recruitment model.

This means that the program is limitless in relations to the number of talented people it can accommodate in the long run, thanks to the Vision and the Self-Sustaining Recruitment Model explained below on “How it Works”.


As opposed to “Job Openings” and “Internship program” where qualified Job Applicants join the organization straight into their respective job roles, this program provides an alternative where the Job Applicant join the organization as a “Business Development Executive” for the first two (2) to three (3) month, working remotely or at our offices, before joining the particular job role.

During these first two (2) to three (3) month; the qualified Job Applicant is empowered through training and resources to raise business value worth 6 months of his/her salary through business development (marketing of organization product solutions), in which he/she also earns commissions on the value of business raised. The value of business raised through business development is expected to support the qualified Job Applicant in the first six (6) months of the job entry; at which time the candidate joins the particular Job Role as well as continue to take part in minimal business development initiatives as a self-sustaining strategy for the Vision-Based program.

This means that the qualified Job Applicant role in business development reduces significantly once he/she joins the organization in the particular job role after the two (2) to three (3) months; in order to allow him/her to focus on career development in the respective job role.


The applicable Careers and Qualifications for this programs are those related to our mission of providing inclusive “End-to- End Development Consultancy, Real Estate, and Project Finance and Investment solutions”, as well as Operations Management Careers related to the Mission, including Business Development and Marketing careers, and as below:


1.) Research & Financial Analysts – Bachelor of Finance, Actuarial Science, Financial Economics, or related, including CIFA, and CFA.

2.) Construction Project Manager / Project Manager – Bachelor of Construction Management or related.

3.) Quantity Surveyors – Bachelor of Quantity Surveying.

4.) Property Managers, Valuers, and Real Estate Consultants – Bachelor of Real Estate, or related.

5.) Environmental Impact Assessment Experts & Managers – Bachelor of Environmental Science, Studies, or related.

6.) Physical Planners – Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning.

7.) Architects – Bachelor of Architecture, or Architectural studies.

8.) Accounting and Human Resource Management – BCom Finance / HR, or related.

9.) Business Development, Sales, and Marketing – BCom Marketing, or related.

10.) Digital Marketing Executive – Digital marketing courses; or related.

11.) Management roles – Management and Leadership qualifications, Masters degree in above listed careers, Ongoing courses on the same, or related.


The Applicant must pass the prescribed Interview for the Program; after being shortlisted or once shortlisted to join the program.

Other core competencies include:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, Innovative, and creative;
  • Leadership and Business skills.


Qualified Candidates are encouraged to apply by sending a Cover Letter and detailed Curriculum Vitae to the email: [email protected]; quoting the program title on the subject line as: Vision-Based Recruitment and Empowerment Program.

Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted.