Customer Challenge:

Quantity surveyors in Kenya believe the success of any project is evaluated on set Quality, Timelines, Cost Budget, and Financial benchmarks. Your challenge in Real Estate Investment comes in the delivery of the project within these benchmarks, and “COST” in particular can present you with the following challenges:

  • Choosing a viable cost effective development option, and designing within cost budget.
  • Choosing material specifications that fit your budget.
  • Procuring the right Contractors for the work & entering into the right contractual engagement.
  • Administering and controlling costs during project implementation.
  • Accounting for work done during payment to Contractors, and closure of Final Accounts.

Our Solutions:

Our services as Quantity Surveyors in the modern construction sector are diverse but the core professional expertise and solutions we can offer to Clients as Quantity Surveyors in Nairobi, around Kenya, and East Africa Region in general include the following:

  • Preliminary Cost Advice and Budget Estimation for early stage of the Project for decision making.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis & Comparative costing during early stages of a project for economic designs.
  • Advise on Project Procurement options, Tendering processes, and Preparation of tender documents.
  • Advise on contractual engagement between the Client and the Contractors in a project.
  • Advise on necessary insurance policies and guarantees for a Construction Project.
  • Project Cost Planning, Construction Cost Engineering, Cash-flows, and budget costing.
  • Advise on economical Contract Administration approaches during project implementation.
  • Interim Valuation of work done for payment to Contractors & Final Accounting at Completion.
  • Project Cost control and regular Cost checks throughout the construction period.
  • Periodic project Financial Appraisal to keep the Client informed on financial position of the project.

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