Customer Challenge:

Development projects present a wide variety of cost inputs across the entire life cycle of an investment that not only define future cash flows, but also determine the return on investment of a project. Your challenge as a development player may comes in the following areas:

  • Determining the right development cost structure that maximizes value for your investment.
  • Leveraging on the life cycle costs of the development, between initial & future costs, for maximum returns.
  • Knowing viable development costing models to leverage on your cost of finance.
  • Managing your development costs within set budget throughout the entire project.

Our Solutions:

Our strategic costs appraisal expertise provide for end-to-end development cost management solutions that not only leverage on the initial costs of the project, but also manage the life cycle investments costs and risks in a development. Our solutions include:

  • Project Cost Planning and Structuring for early budget analysis.
  • Life cycle costing and analysis to maximize on the value of the investment.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis and comparative costing of the development to realize economies of scale.
  • Development costs modelling to leverage on the cost of finance.
  • Cost management throughout the entire life cycle of the investment project.
  • Resource cost scheduling to manage inflation risks.

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