Customer Challenge:

Procurement of construction projects has evolved in recent years to a variety of methodologies ranging from procurement through a Building Contractor, Sectional Labour Contracts, Design and Build, Design Build and Transfer, among others. Your challenge may come in the following areas:

  • Generating correct cost estimates for the works for budget costing.
  • Coming up with the right material specifications to allow tendering and project implementation.
  • Managing cost throughout the construction process.

Our Solutions:

We offer comprehensive Construction Cost Consultancy solutions which not only assist in evaluation of construction budgets but also guide Developers, Self-Builders, and End users to realize economies of scale for a construction projects, thus securing value for investment. Our solutions include:

  • Preparation of detailed project Cost Estimates and Quotations.
  • Preparation of Works Specifications and Bills of Quantities.
  • Preparation of Materials and Labour Schedules.
  • Tender documentation and analysis of Tender information.
  • Resource scheduling for construction project and associated programme analysis.
  • Construction cost management and advisory in a project.
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