Customer Challenge:

We provide Real Estate Valuation in Kenya as a company, which include Property Valuation in Nairobi and Counties. The aim of our Property Valuers in Kenya is to provide accurate, credible, and reliable property appraisal and valuation services. Investment in real estate also demand well researched opinion which is a key consideration in our valuation solutions for real property. Your challenge may come in the following areas:

  • Having access to independent and impartial opinion on the value of your asset or real property.
  • Getting access to credible expert opinion on the value of your asset or real property.

Our Solutions – Real Estate Valuation:

Real Estate Valuation

We provide independent, impartial, credible and well researched expert opinion on the value of assets and real property. Our comprehensive Real Estate Valuation solutions are as below:

  • Valuation for Lending & Mortgage purposes.
  • Sale purposes – Valuation.
  • Acquisition purposes and while purchasing property – Valuation.
  • Insurance purposes – Valuation.
  • Rating, Rent assessment & review purposes – Valuation.
  • Investment appraisal for purchase transaction proposes – Valuation.
  • Accounting & Book keeping purposes – Valuation.
  • Taxation purposes – Valuation.
  • Statutory purposes – Valuation.
  • Privatization purposes – Valuation.
  • Mergers & Take over purposes – Valuation.


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