Customer Challenge:

Our solutions in Property Management in Kenya as a company involves the management of the entire life cycle of a properties in Nairobi and Counties. Our Property Managers in Kenya render these services from acquisition to disposition for newly acquired developments or real property. The work by our company also include maintenance of the building for the investors who own the real estate property. Your challenge as an investor may come in the following areas:

  • Enhancing the value of your investment during the life cycle of your property.
  • Reduced operating costs of your real property to realize optimized value during the property life cycle.
  • Economical administration and management of your real property within prevailing market risks.
  • Accessing research based market survey on Market Rental values of real property.
  • Delegating the full property management process to the right professional agents to allow you concentrate on your core businesses.

Our Solutions – Property Management:

Property Management in Kenya


We provide expertise in Property Management in Kenya to oversee the life cycle of real estate property. We offer solution to allow accountability, maintenance, and control during acquisition, management, and disposition of the property. This for the for the purpose of enhancing the value of the property, reduce operating costs, and optimize investment value. Our capabilities and comprehensive range of solutions include:

  • Repair & Maintenance management.
  • Tenancy Lease contracting & administration.
  • Lease renewal & rent reviews management.
  • Rental management.
  • Collection of Rent and Service Charge.
  • Property Risk Management.
  • Cash Flow Management & Budgeting.
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Financial Reporting on the property.
  • Market Survey to establish and advice on Market Rental values.
  • Letting agency and marketing for lettable spaces.
  • Property Dispute Resolution advisory.


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