Customer Challenge:

Property management in Kenya involves the life cycle of a property starting from acquisition to disposition for newly acquired development or real property during investment. Your challenge, as the Investor owner or User of the property, may come in the following areas:

  • Designing building services that are cost effective for future maintenance and operations.
  • Enhancing the value of your investment during the life cycle of the property.
  • Reducing operating costs of your property to realize optimum value during the property life cycle.
  • Economical administration and management of your property within prevailing market risks.
  • Accessing research based market survey on Rental values of real property.
  • Delegating the full management process to professional, to allow you concentrate on your other core businesses.
  • Maintaining the property in support of the resident business units.

Our Solutions:

a) Property Management

We provide Property Management expertise to oversee the management of the life cycle of real estate property in acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization and disposition for the purpose of enhancing the value of the property, reduce operating costs, and optimize investment value. Our comprehensive range of solutions in this discipline include:

  • Property Repair & Maintenance management.
  • Tenancy Lease contracting & administration.
  • Rental Management.
  • Lease renewal & rent reviews management.
  • Rental and Service Charge collection.
  • Property Risk Management.
  • Property Cash Flow Management & Budgeting.
  • Periodic Financial and Technical Reporting on the Property.
  • Market Survey to establish and advice on Rental values.
  • Property Dispute Resolution advisory.

b) Facility Management

Facility management in Kenya is aimed at supporting the business unit operations and making the building as productive as possible to the users. We offer this solution from initial investment appraisal of the property development, through design or property acquisition, and into the service life cycle of the property. Our solutions in this consultancy discipline include:

  • Space optimization and utilization management during design or acquisition to realize economies of scale.
  • Administration and Management of Building Services to support the resident business units operations.
  • Management of services contracts associated with the building services.
  • Building services’ testing, inspection, maintenance, and management to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Services provision to the users working within the property.
  • Refuse collection and pest control management.
  • Security, health and safety, and cleaning management.
  • Tendering and shortlisting of building services providers.
  • Cash Flow Management & expenditure budgeting for Building services.
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Financial Reporting on the facility.


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