Your Challenge:

Physical Planning and Urban Planning services in Kenya by our company incorporates land-use management solutions in Nairobi and the Counties, and associated with Planning Permissions services as well as management of Planning Approvals. Our Physical and Urban Planners in Kenya are involved in processing and management of the various statutory approvals and land-use planning permissions for land properties in or associated with Real Estate Investment Projects. This is an important land-use risks management exercise for every Developer and Investor to ensure compliance with statutory provisions. Your challenge may come in the following areas:

  • Access to “Change of User” solutions for land property to align with proposed real estate investment project, within physical planning regulations for a particular area.
  • Extending the User of a land property beyond the expiry date of lease or a certain land-use allocation of the property.
  • Subdividing a particular land property to two or more properties under different ownership titles for commercial transaction or for real estate development on separate ownership titles.
  • Joining two or more land parcels or properties together under a single ownership title, for commercial transaction or for real estate development on separate ownership titles.

Our Solutions – Planning Permissions | Land-Use Approvals:

We provide management of Planning Permissions and Land-Use Approvals solutions to our Clients and Customers in Nairobi and all the Counties in Kenya. We render this service to allow real estate investment projects to be compliant with various physical planning and land use provisions for the area or zone. We also render these services to meet the needs of various land properties transaction. Our solutions include:

  • Change of User – This is alteration in the “title” use, purpose or level of activities within any land or building that involves a material change that result in a use that is completely different from the previous use. The approval process is important in Real Estate Property Development in order to facilitate development permission or any development that is out of character as under the planning regulations of an area, zoning plan, or approved development plan under the conditions of title lease.
  • Extension of Use – This is additional use of land property other than that registered on the land while maintaining the dominance of the existing registered user or the land. The approval process is important in Real Estate Investment Projects in order to allow compatibility of the proposed use of the investment property, with that of the existing user and the character of the neighborhood.
  • Lease Extension (Extension of Lease) – The approval process is important to manage the risks associated with lease of land properties, in relation to the expiry date of the lease. The process involves seeking an additional unexpired term to the existing lease on land property on behalf of the owner of the land property (lessee).

Other Solutions:

  • Amalgamation of Land Property – This is a approval process in which two or more adjacent parcels of land are dissolved and reconstituted into a one contiguous parcel, for purpose of real estate development or commercial transaction on land property.
  • Land Subdivision – This entails Subdividing a particular land property into two or more properties units under different ownership “titles” for commercial transaction or for real estate development on separate ownership titles.
  • Processing of Planning Approvals.

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