Customer Challenge:

Physical Planning in Kenya is vital solution in land use management in Nairobi and Counties by our company for our customers. Our Team of Physical and Urban Planners in Kenya informs on investment decisions based on physical development patterns of an area. Your challenge come in the following areas:

  • Deriving your project investment objectives based on zoning regulations for an area.
  • Determining a development proposal that is compliant with the physical development pattern of an area.
  • Physical development planning for your project in conformity with statutory regulations.
  • Managing your investment risks within specific land use.
  • Maximizing the value of your investment within statutory legal planning framework.

Our Solutions – Physical Planning:

Physical Planners in Kenya


We take a comprehensive approach in providing sustainable land use and physical planning solutions to our customers and clients. Our Solutions include:

  • Physical Development Planning.
  • Projects Master Planning and Site Planning – Physical Master planning during initial concept design and project design appraisal.  This is to allow project feasibility for economics usage of the site, entitlements, and Community acceptance.
  • Local, Regional & National Physical Development Planning – Survey of an area/physical land and advisory on the way the land may be utilized, for present and future land use.
  • Local & Regional Strategic Planning – Policies advisory on the allocation of land resources, including advisory on strategic location of proposed real estate developments within an area, based on land use patterns.
  • Advocacy Planning – Expert advisory on planning and land use matters to local citizens, including representation of their Land Use interests before official policy bodies.
  • Urban Renewal & Regeneration planning – Improvement, Rehabilitation and Re-development planning advisory for urban and real estate neighborhood. This is to allow increase of value and appeal for more economic benefit.
  • Land Resource Management – Management advisory for the use and development of land resource. This includes sustainable land management, to meet human needs and to sustain the ecosystem.
  • Land Use Policy Advisory – Advisory on economic implications of land use planning and land use legislation. This include advisory on statutory regulations, Land use tax, and land use zoning regularization.

Our Team of Physical Planner are registered and licensed by Kenya Physical Planners Registration Board (KPPRD)

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