Customer Challenge:

The built environment and real estate industry are major players into the welfare of the people, being a major employers and occupation providers in the global economy. Fostering a safe and healthy work environment is the primary goal of occupational health and safety management. Your challenge may come in the following ways:

  • Complying with policy standards in occupation health and safety welfare during project implementation.
  • Leveraging on your life cycle investments costs for health and safety.
  • Managing the risks associate with legal suites due to work place hazards and injuries.
  • Developing a healthy and safety model that promotes sustainable productivity of workers and occupiers.


Our Solutions:

Our solutions in Occupational Health and Safety Management promote healthy and safety welfare, including securing your investment during project development and life cycle of your real property. Our solutions in this consultancy discipline include:

  • Risk assessment and management to enable investors, buyers, tenants, workers, and occupiers of real property undertake their occupation in a way that causes least harm to their health.
  • Hazard identification, assessment, and control to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental, and social well-being of occupiers of development facilities or real property.
  • Advisory on investing in occupational environment that is conducive to health and safety welfare.
  • Advisory on compliance with local and international policy standards in health and safety welfare.
  • Costs benefit analysis and life cycle costing on viable and sustainable health and safety investment models.
  • Advisory on organization work structure and culture that promote productivity through health and safety welfare.
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