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Our Physical and Urban Planning services company in Kenya also provides Land Use Appraisal for development projects in Nairobi and the counties. Our Physical and Urban Planners in Kenya render this solution for our customers during acquisition of land property for real estate investment and during structuring of real estate investment project. Our aim of offering this solution is to provide our Customers and Clients with land use risks management solutions, that allow them to acquire the right land property for a certain property investment type. This also allow our customer to structure investment projects within the zoning regulations of a particular area. Your challenge may come in the following areas:

  • Acquiring land property for real estate investment, whose land-use or possible land-use is aligned to your investment objectives.
  • Appraisal of possible land-use for a particular land property for investment; within possible land-use and physical planning zoning regulation for the area.
  • Establishing land-use design option that align to viable Investment Options for the real estate investment project, within prevailing land-use limitation for the area.
  • Management of various land-use risks established during the feasibility study.

Our Solutions – Land Use Appraisal:

Physical Planners in Kenya

We provide Land Use Appraisal solutions to our Customers in order to manage land use risks associated with Real Estate Investments, as well as to establish viable investment options for real estate investment project. We also render this solution so as to guarantee returns on proposed investment projects within feasible land-use and physical planning zoning regulations. Our Land Use Appraisal solutions include:

  • Advisory services on land-use and possible land-use for a land property, during property acquisition for real estate investment for the purpose of investment risks management.
  • Land Use Appraisal on a particular land property during investment appraisal and feasibility studies, to establish possible land-use for various investment options within physical planning zoning regulations for the area.
  • Development of land-use design options, that align to viable project investment option, within prevailing land-use provisions for the area.
  • Appraisal of future land-use projection for a certain area, for advisory into investment of land property for future real estate investment project.
  • Analysis of Land Use Risks for various Real Estate Investment Model, and coming up with risk mitigation strategy.

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