Customer Challenge:

Land Survey in Kenya is best done by a Registered Land Surveying Company in Kenya to avoid inconveniences at the Lands office in future. With land forming a major resource input in development projects, management of the same becomes a crucial appraisal variable during investment, for early decision making and risk management during project implementation. Your challenge may come in the following areas:

  • Establishing the measurements, physical matters, and boundary location of your land resource.
  • Establishing crucial natural and man-made features on the physical land for use in project design.
  • Establishing statutory easement of land resource, right of way, utility routes and other title commitment.
  • Complying with statutory survey and physical land regulations during design and construction process.

Our Solutions:

Land surveying solutions in the modern Built and Real Estate sector are diverse but the core professional expertise and services we can offer to Clients include:

  • Boundary Survey – Advisory service for finding, identifying, measuring, and reporting the location of the boundary lines of a track of land, include revealing physical matters affecting the use of land.
  • Topographical Survey – Advisory service to depict the elevation of physical points and features of a property, for use in project design.
  • Land Title Survey – Advisory service to show the boundaries of the property and location of all easements affecting the property.
  • Subdivision & Partition Survey – Advisory survey service subsequent to division of a track or parcel of land into two or more parcels, and creation of new boundary lines within the interior of the parcel.
  • Pre-Design Survey – Pre-design survey including: Construction Staking, Utility Routes Survey, Corridor Route Surveys, Easement Surveys, Oil/Gas Well Staking, and Road Layout Surveys.
  • Design Survey – Design Survey including: Topographic Mapping, Area Computations, Oil/Gas Field Map Preparation, Base maps Preparation, and Digital Terrain Modeling.
  • Construction Survey – Advisory survey for construction site layout to mark physical points on site, including: As-Built Survey, Mapping, 3D Laser Scanning, and Volume Calculations.


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