Customer Challenge:

Land Surveying in Kenya is a key development and land use service in management of land use risks in development projects. Our Team of Physical Planners in Kenya and Land Surveyors in Kenya work together in land use management in Nairobi and Counties. Our solutions include appraisal of various physical factors on land during initial land use planning for investment projects, to allow decision making. Your challenge may come in the following areas:

  • Determining the measurements, physical matters, and boundary location of your land resource.
  • Actuate and establish crucial natural and man-made features on the physical land for use in project design.
  • Establishing statutory easement of land resource, right of way, utility routes and other title commitment.
  • Complying with statutory survey and physical land regulations during design and construction process.

Our Solutions – Land Surveying:

Land Surveying in Kenya

Land surveying solutions in the modern Built Environment and Real Estate development are diverse but the core professional expertise and services offered by our Land Surveyors include:

  • Boundary Survey – Advisory service for finding, identifying, measuring, and reporting the location of the boundary lines of a track of land, include revealing physical matters affecting the use of land. This is crucial during project development as well as during land property transaction.
  • Topographical Survey – Advisory service to depict the elevation of physical points and features of a property, for use in project design.
  • Land Title Survey – Advisory service to show the boundaries of the property and location of all easements affecting the property.
  • Subdivision & Partition Survey – Advisory survey service subsequent to subdivision of a track or parcel of land into two or more parcels, and creation of new boundary lines within the land parcel.
  • Pre-Design Survey – Pre-design survey including: Construction Staking, Utility Routes Survey, Corridor Route Surveys, Easement Surveys, Oil/Gas Well Staking, and Road Layout Surveys.
  • Design Survey – Design Survey including: Topographic Mapping, Area Computations, Oil/Gas Field Map Preparation, Base maps Preparation, and Digital Terrain Modeling.
  • Construction Survey – Advisory survey for construction site layout to mark physical points on site, including: As-Built Survey, Mapping, 3D Laser Scanning, and Volume Calculations.


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