Customer Challenge:

Conceptualizing a project, designing, implementing and commissioning the same can present some challenges through the Life cycle of the Project that can hinder the accomplishment of the project objectives. These challenges range from:

  • Purchasing the right development Site based on informed market feasibility.
  • Planning, designing, procuring, and executing your Project within quality, budget, and set timelines.
  • Choosing the right consultants for specific project, disseminating your idea, and realizing the same in the project.
  • Monitoring your cash flow and financial investment model throughout the development process.
  • Delegating the full management process to professionals, to allow you concentrate on your other core businesses.

Our Solutions:

We take a methodical approach to planning, management and guiding the project processes from start to finish. We offer this service to ensure no mismatch exists between the Development & Investment solutions that we provide and their implementation. Our solutions as Project Managers include:

  • Identification of a management problem in a project.
  • Site identification for specific project and advice on purchase.
  • Advise on establishing the Brief and entire Scope of the Project.
  • Planning, Scheduling, and Management of Design, Procurement, and Construction process.
  • Advice on terms and conditions for the appointment of other consultants.
  • Project Life Cycle and Investment Management.
  • Project Site Management related to the physical on-site construction process.
  • Project Financial and Periodic Monitoring during implementation.
  • Construction Management throughout the construction period.
  • Preparing monthly project status reports on progress during implementation.
  • Acting as Employers / Client’s Agent in a Project.

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