Customer Challenge:

It is rare in the private sector to provide all the funding for huge projects. Other financial and investment challenges that can prevent your project from taking off and attaining its full potential, include:

  • Making viable investment decision backed by Market Feasibility studies and Market Research.
  • Coming up with a fully inclusive Real Estate Business Plans for your project objectives, and for presentation to Investors.
  • Roping in Finance, Capital funding, and Strategic Partners into your project.
  • Structuring viable financial models and finance options to leverage on the cost of finance.

Our Solutions:

We go through a structured capital raising and project finance step process, once engaged by the Project Sponsor or Client, which includes a Consulting and Advisory phase, followed by an Investor Relations phase, and ending with a Transaction and Completion phase of this consultancy, which include:

  • Financial Advisory, Planning, and Analysis to ensure viable investment decision by the Client.
  • Conducting Feasibility studies to determine viability of the project, and to allow preparation of Investor Business Case.
  • Investments Appraisal, Modelling, and Capital Structuring to ensure viable finance options.
  • Identification of Strategic Financiers, Partners, and Investors for the investment.
  • Project Finance Sourcing and Capital Connection for Real Estate Businesses seeking finance.
  • Capital raising and Real Estate Fundraising solutions, from the following financing options:
    1. Private Equity Finance.
    2. Contractor Debt Finance.
    3. Structured Institution Debt Finance.
    4. Bank Debt Finance.
    5. Presale Finance.
    6. Islamic Finance.
  • Advisory on cost of finance and interest rates on capital.
  • Joint Venture Structuring and Modeling for Equity funded projects.
  • Financial Management and advisory during project implementation.


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