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Real Estate Joint Venture in Kenya is an expert solution by our company for raising Project Finance and Real Estate Capital in Nairobi and Counties for development investment projects. Our expertise as Real Estate Joint Venture Consultants in Kenya, as well as Investment Partners, enables us to structure Real Estate Joint Venture Investment models between the Project Sponsor (Land Owner) and the Investor (Financing), within parameters that manage Investment risks and guarantee return on Investments. We do this together with Real Estate Finance and Capital Raising solutions by our company, which include connecting real estate investment projects to potential investors. Your challenge in structuring Joint Venture may come in the following areas:

  • Conducting a Real Estate Feasibility Study to establish viability of the real estate investment.
  • Coming up with a Real Estate Business Plan for presentation of the Investment Idea to Investors.
  • Structuring Joint Venture Financial and Investment Models to showcase Capital and Payout Structure to the finance Investor.
  • Developing an Investment Memorandum to showcase proposed legal structure for the Joint Venture.
  • Having access to Investors and Financiers to pitch or present your Joint Venture Investment project proposal.
  • Establishing Investor relations within accepted finance and investment procedures.
  • Preparing or coming up with a Joint Venture Legal Agreement at deal closure.

Our Solutions – Joint Venture | Finance Structuring:

Joint Venture in Kenya

We have expertly positioned ourselves as Real Estate Joint Venture Consultants in Kenya and Real Estate Finance experts to provide real estate and project finance solutions in a market saturated with various financial and investment risks. We do this not only to manage investment risks for our Clients, but also to provide various real estate and project finance solutions to fill in finance deficit for viable investment projects, and well as offering expert advisory on real estate joint venture structuring. Our core professional expertise and solutions in Real Estate Joint Venture structuring include:

  • Real Estate Feasibility Studies – We conduct Real Estate Feasibility Studies in order to establish technical and financial viability of the investment project, and to help in decision making for the Project Sponsor. This is an important investment risks management expertise that we offer to allow early decision making for the investment project, as well as to allow appraisal of risk management structures.
  • Real Estate Business Plan and Business Case – We prepare Real Estate Business Plans and Business Case as a capital raising and investment tool for presentation to investors and financiers while raising capital and sourcing for funding. A Real Estate Business Plan presents and encompasses all the variables for the investment, including Market Research, Design Proposals, Project Cost Plan, Financial Models, Operation Methodologies, Capital Structures, and Marketing Strategies.   
  • Real Estate Joint Venture Financial Structuring and Investment Modelling – Our expertise also entails coming up with feasible Joint Venture Financial Structure and Investment Model, to showcase financial viability of the investment, capital investment structure between the project sponsor and the investor, and payout and offtake structure that showcase how capital investment shall be returned and how proceed return on investment shall be distributed.
  • Developing of Joint Venture Investment Memorandum – We develop Joint Venture Investment Memorandum to showcase the proposed legal investment structure of the Joint Venture to the finance investors, to facilitate investment and legal decision making, as well as to facilitate negotiations where required before deal closure.

Other Joint Venture Solutions:

  • Capital Raising, Real Estate Finance, and Project Finance sourcing – Buildafrique Consulting Groups keeps a database of investors who forms our first investor contact while raising capital real estate investments. We also go beyond this to raise real estate capital through other networks that we have established across the globe.
  • Investor Relations–The process of raising real estate capital involve a high level of investor relations activities with Investors and Financiers, ranging from presentations of business plans, due diligence, and negotiations. We can as our Client’s representative in Investors Relations with Financiers and Investors during the entire process of capital raising.
  • Joint Venture Legal Agreement Structuring – We work jointly with a team of other legal experts on formulation and structuring of Joint Venture Legal Agreement at Deal Closure. During this exercise, we guide and provide the team with all necessary information including financial models, business plans, agreed capital structure, and agreed terms sheets.  

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