Customer Challenge:

The outcome of your project Feasibility studies and Market research is may present more than one potential investment options. You may require to evaluate these investment options through investment design appraisals to unlock market potential and the following challenges encountered by development players at this stage of the investment:

  • Deciding on the investment option to be developed into detailed design by the Design Team.
  • Deciding whether to carry out further high-level studies before proceeding into detailed design.
  • Assessing the risks of the available investment options.
  • Evaluating the planning permissions and regulations from the local authority.
  • Evaluation the cost of the investment project and funding options.

Our Solutions:

We put emphasis on appraisal of results outcome of the Market research and Feasibility studies through Investment Design appraisal, especially for projects that present more than one potential investment options. This is an important risk management appraisal exercise that we carry to provide the following solutions:

  • Development of option designs to allow decision making on viable investment option.
  • Carrying out further high-level studies of the design options before detailed design, to ensure viability.
  • Assessment of investment risks of the design options.
  • Appraisal of the site and need for technical investigations of the design options.
  • Consultations with local statutory authority to assess possible planning permission and approval requirements.
  • Carrying out of initial cost evaluation of the design options.
  • Development of Option Design Review Report to assist the Client in selection of a viable investment options.

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